Our Design Process

Rushby Design - Client Communication ImageClient Communication

At Rushby design a strong communication is built up with our clients to ensure the time we spent on your designs is spent wisely to take the design in the direction which suits the image our client requires. We'll always start with a basic design to ensure this and then we'll add the polish to your high impact design.

Rushby Design - Skype LogoOnline Appointments

When designing, there are those moments where you just want to see those small tweaks to your design - the main colour changed to red, what the heading looks like in green. We offer a service to screen share between our designer and you. You can see the changes in real time - and as soon as we're done get on with your next task.

Rushby Design - Bright Idea!A Bright Idea!

We're very happy to work with your bright idea's or to create our own. We are very skilled in quickly generating an idea for your brands and products in the event that you are unsure what direction you want to take your design. We'll then make a quick example to illustrate this idea to be able to put it across to you to visualise it.

Rushby Design - Image of Nick RushbyLead Designer - Nick Rushby

Nick has over 12 years experience in the Arts and Design world. Winning a national Nesta 'Creative Bright Sparks' award for his work in 2006. With a wide variety of experience ranging from teaching Art and Design in schools and incorporating it with IT - through to designing websites, brands and advertisements.